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The power of Sculpture comes from its Molds, when you develop Mold you have the ability to:

  1. Add new properties to the model elements, these properties will be shown in the Sculpture property window, so the user can set values for these dynamic properties, for example you can add property called “Table Name” to the Entity Element.
  2. Add new validation to the model, you might need to set additional validations to your model, so when the user validates the model, the core engine calls the validation methods for all plugged Molds.
  3. Add property monitor, which can be used to monitor any changes to the model elements, and notify the mold when property of specific element type changed, for example you can change the new property “Table Name”, when the entity name changed.
  4. Add command set which will appear in the top of the tool window that hosts the editor controls, with these commands you can made any changes to the model, for example you can add command that adds elements to the model based on specific database.
  5. Add user control editor to the model, with this user control you will notify when selection changed, so you can build your editors that can be used to simplify the access of model elements.
  6. Add actions that will be executed pre or post the generation process.
  7. The last one is the template, the mold contains list of templates, and each template has some properties as (Output Pattern, Output Condition, Overwrite …), these properties configure how the engine will transform it.

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