_entityData seems to be null on insert

Feb 5, 2009 at 5:15 AM
This is great work, thank you.
I am using (web ui, WCF service, ent. Lib data access).  From Sculpture 1.0 Beta2 Binary Installers (Include Molds)
application, 9983K, uploaded Dec 2 2008

I have had a few problems that I managed to work through, however one I can't solve is that on insert, the _entityData.MyThingID causes an error because _entityData is null.
Code below - error occurs on bold line:

  public Int32 MyThing_ID
    return this._entityData.MyThing_ID;
    if(this._entityData.MyThing_ID != value)
     this._entityData.MyThing_ID = value;
     foreach(OBC_PhylumDivision oBC_PhylumDivision in  this._entityData.OBC_PhylumDivisionList)
      oBC_PhylumDivision.MyThing_ID = this._entityData.MyThing_ID;
     if (this._entityState == EntityState.Unchanged)
      this._entityState = EntityState.Changed;

Am I using the right version?
Is there something I've missed?

Any help appreciated.  Thanks
Feb 5, 2009 at 12:07 PM
Unfortunately DAAB Mold entity classes does not support WCF Data serialization
You can try any other Data Access Mold, or use Standard Library instead of WCF if you did not need distributed System.